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I grew up reading books like The Babysitter Club and The Boxcar Kids. Now I read Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian and any mixture of these all depending on what my mood is. I love Stephen King, Michael Connolly, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs and many others.


Entwined - Heather Dixon I've heard good things about this book, and for good reason. It was more than just a fairytale of how a princess meets her prince. It has a bit of a dark twist to it that made the book almost impossible to set aside. I was really intrigued with the storyline and the characters and was glad I finally picked this one up and gave it a try.

Okay, so the plot takes a bit to unfold and at first things seem innocent enough. That was one of the things I liked best about the book. It slowly worked its way up to the climax of the book instead of starting at a sprint from the gates. We get a bit of story before anything happens to open up the real story. I liked that the author didn't make it too easy. She planned it and gave the characters a need for the room they needed, instead of letting them just stumble upon it. I didn't really suspect anything much of the Keeper at first. I actually felt bad for him. I think it unfolded perfectly.

There are a few things I need in a book to make it enjoyable. One is character growth. And I don't just mean the main character. The King didn't seem like a warm and open father. He was cold, distant and reserved. There were times that I agreed with Azalea in her assumption that the King didn't love any of his children. But as the story continues to build and things start to happen, there is this small change. Very small. And it grows, very subtly, until this new person stands in place of the old and you marvel at the change. I was glad that the author didn't let the King stay seemingly heartless through the whole thing.

I'm glad I took a chance on this. I tend to shy away from books that are historical (or a fantasy world that is set up as if a historical novel, like this) but I'm glad I read it. It's highly enjoyable and entertaining.