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I grew up reading books like The Babysitter Club and The Boxcar Kids. Now I read Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian and any mixture of these all depending on what my mood is. I love Stephen King, Michael Connolly, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs and many others.

The Goddess Test

The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter One of my favorite things to read about is Greek Mythology. I loved this spin on one of my favorite tales of Demeter and Persephone. Kate, being an ordinary girl who just wants to take care of her ailing mother and finish high school, is thrown into a fairy tale but the happily ever after isn't guaranteed. She will face many trials and dangers and the outlook isn't so great that she will survived where many others have failed.

A modern twist on the old tale, it was clever and well written. Many things remain a mystery for the reader along the journey and it makes for a very enjoyable ride as we find out things at the same time as Kate. I loved that Aimee didn't spoil any surprises for the reader in the telling of this tale. And there were plenty that I didn't see coming!

Overall, it was fantastic. I was enthralled from the first sentence to the last. I was teary eyed as the emotions Kate went through and the sacrifices she was willing to make came to life. It's a fantastic start to a very promising series and I can't wait to read more about Henry and Kate!