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I grew up reading books like The Babysitter Club and The Boxcar Kids. Now I read Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian and any mixture of these all depending on what my mood is. I love Stephen King, Michael Connolly, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs and many others.

The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know  - Jenna Black This was a good follow up to the first. Things aren't getting any easier for Morgan. Lugh is still stuck in her body. After finishing the first book, I had time to think things over. I was starting to wonder just how this series would play out. How far it could possibly go. I'm liking the direction of it, to be honest. This stands out from most of the other recent books I have read.

What I still love about this series, is that Morgan is strong. She's somehow able to control her body but able to let Lugh in when needed. I'm excited to learn all about this mysterious girl who is able to resist possession. And that is what this book was centered on. I thought the story line was well written and thought out. I was very happy with the many things we learn about Morgan. Very intriguing.

I'm still wondering where things go. I can't imagine it would be easy to write about an attraction when said attraction is stuck in your head. I am interested to see how that plays out. I'm liking the series very well so far. Jenna has yet to let me down!!