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I grew up reading books like The Babysitter Club and The Boxcar Kids. Now I read Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian and any mixture of these all depending on what my mood is. I love Stephen King, Michael Connolly, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs and many others.

My Lunatic Life: 1 (Lunatic Life Series)

My Lunatic Life: 1 (Lunatic Life Series) - Sharon Sala This was a book I was actually excited for once I read the blurb and saw the cover. I was expecting a snarky character who was trying to stay under the radar. But it didn't quite work out the way I thought it would. I wasn't able to connect with Tara throughout the book. I wanted to but then Tara would do or say something that would make me cringe.

Tara Luna is a psychic who can see ghosts and doesn't want anyone to know about her "special gifts." But, throughout the book, she kept using her gift to put people in their places and was later upset that they were calling her names. It was hard for me, because she wasn't trying to fly under the radar at all. Instead, she hurled tidbits of people's lives in their face to either help them or to insult them.

The ending left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It resembled a 50's sitcom. Everyone makes up in the end and become fast friends. It didn't really work for me. I wasn't satisfied in the least with the ending.

I really wanted to like this one, but in the end, I spend more time cringing and putting the book down for something else than really caring about the story. It had a lot of potential but for me, it just didn't work out at all. I was wanting something a little on the lighter side, good for a few laughs, but I didn't find that here.