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Dead Ever After: A True Blood Novel

Dead Ever After: A True Blood Novel - Charlaine Harris I wasn't terribly surprised with how I liked this book. I had a fairly decent idea how I would feel about this book. The last few book in the series have missed the mark, this being no exception. I think Harris had to stretch to come up with this book. The ending was quite predictable, with many people calling who Sookie would end up with ultimately, and the tired plot line of 'Who's out to kill Sookie' made it's final return in the series finale. I do have to say for Harris, with multiple enemies gunning for Sookie, she did seem to up the quota of those seeking to put Sookie into the ground. Permanently.

I'm one of those that is glad this series has come to an end. I have felt that everything after the book, [b:From Dead to Worse|2233407|From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse, #8)|Charlaine Harris|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348421646s/2233407.jpg|3159807], the series has taken a nose dive. While I had hoped to like this book a lot better than I did, I also knew to not set my expectations far from the ground.

Harris did try to give everyone's favorite characters a bit of a cameo and maybe, just maybe, a hint of their own happy ending. Which was fine. But it was what it was. Filler. Just fluff to stuff. As for the rest of the tired, overused story, it was well enough to give Sookie her last book. No fireworks, no amazing feats, no miraculous events, no twists, no turn. Just a simple farewell to a series that has long outlived it's creative juices. I bid thee a fond farewell, good day, best wishes and here's to a long life of peace and quiet for our dear Sookie.