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I grew up reading books like The Babysitter Club and The Boxcar Kids. Now I read Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian and any mixture of these all depending on what my mood is. I love Stephen King, Michael Connolly, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs and many others.

Killer Frost

Killer Frost - Jennifer Estep I think this was a good last book in the series. I'm a bit sad to say goodbye to Gwen, because she rocks, and Logan, because he's hot. While it sounds like everyone won't always be full of happiness and rainbows, we get an idea how things will turn out. And everything just might be alright.

This was a series I loved from the first, it caught my attention with the mythology focus. I think this series is one of the best that feature mythology in some sort or aspect and I think anyone who loves mythology should pick up these books. Great reads for adults and teens alike.