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The Fiery Heart

The Fiery Heart - Richelle Mead 2.5 stars, rounded to 3

Bloodlines has been an interesting series for me so far. There are times I love it and there are times I feel like I'm just not interested in this world anymore. This book was a mixture of both of those feelings for me. After the lackluster role of the "Who is Marcus Finch?" storyline, The Fiery Heart failed to impress.

This was the first book in the series where I just had a hard time sitting down and reading it through. I found myself getting up and leaving my book behind several times until I finally sat down and forced myself to finish. I might blame the alternating POV, but I don't remember if the first ones were written like this, or as often, with switching between Adrian and Sydney. For me, it was a bit disjarring, disrupting the flow, knocking me out of that seemless reading experience. Which was probably why I was constantly putting it down and walking away from the book.

I know Zoe did a lot for creating tension and complications, but I kept hoping for some random stragoi to kill her off. I know she's just a child, but she seems a bit too young, stupid and whiny for doing the job she was doing. While she is perfect for the Alchemists for her prejudice, I still hoped her demise was right around the corner in the next chapter. One can only hope for the next book.

Part of me was happy with Adrian and Sydney, part of me didn't really care. Adrian had some great character growth in this book, but I felt nothing for their relationship, although I was happy that Adrian had found someone to make him happy. I wasn't happy about the fact that he is a dirty secret. Adrian can't tell anyone in fear of the Alchemists. He is isolated. Maybe that is where the author wants him for now, but I just want Adrian to win some of his battles.

The ending. I should be saying Wow! Can't believe that happened! What the crap is going on?! But mostly, I felt indifferent. While I hope Sydney's family drops dead or end up in the hands of some serial torture/killer, I found myself not caring much for Sydney's problem. Maybe I'll reread it later, maybe I'll change my mind. While the book was one I have been anticipating since release day of the last book, I wish I could have loved it to fawn over it for weeks to come. Maybe the next book will sway me to the other side. So far, this book is the weakest link in the series, taking down the previous book in the series. Mead, you better step up your game for the next one. I'm waiting to be dazzled!